Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) a construction phase plan (CPP) is required for every construction project. This does not need to be complicated.

We can help.


A construction phase plan is a CDM document that is required on every construction project. It must be developed by the principal contractor (or contactor if only one).

Unlike other companies, we will put together the plan for you, thus freeing up valuable time to focus on earning money!

For us to create your site specific document we just need you to complete a short questionnaire and send us a copy of the pre-construction information from the Principal Designer.

The CPP is then put together by a construction health and safety specialist, using our templates.

Once completed we will submit to you for comment and feedback. Once you are happy the plan is ready to be issued to the project team.

The format we use is then designed so it can be updated and developed on site as the regulations require.


  • Introduction
  • CDM Standards and Objectives
  • Safety Standards and Objectives
  • Project Description
  • Project Directory
  • Subcontractor Directory
  • Project Management
  • Resposibilities
  • Project Delivery
  • Health and Safety Goals
  • Safe System of Work
  • Site Rules
  • Accident Procedures
  • Reporting of Accidents
  • Investigation Procedures
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Subcontracor Management
  • Communication
  • Monitoring Arrangements
  • Control of Site Safety Risks
  • Control of Health Risks
  • Risk Register
  • Fire Procedures
  • Health and Safety File


The costs will vary depending on the complexity of the project. Minor Works Plans for smaller less complicated projects, start at 150.

Full plans for larger projects, with multiple trades, HSE notifiable or involving complex operations start at 275


Please email info@constructionss.co.uk or phone 01869 220649 and speak to Elaine Sahin or Marie Bowers