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Contractor Appraisals.

CDM 2007 Approved Code of Practice Regulation 4 states:

What you must do

All those with duties under CDM2007 must satisfy themselves that businesses that they engage or appoint are competent. This means making reasonable enquiries to check that the organisation or individual is competent to do the relevant work and can allocate adequate resources to it. Those taken on to do the work must also be sure that they are competent to carry out the required tasks before agreeing to take on the work.

For notifiable projects, a key duty of the CDM co-ordinator is to advise clients about competence of designers and contractors, including the Principal Contractor that they engage.

Carrying out an assessment requires you to make a judgement as to whether the organisation or individual has the competence to carry out the work safely. If your judgement is reasonable, taking into account the evidence that has been asked for and provided, you will not be criticised if the organisation you appoint subsequently proves not to have been competent to carry out the work.

Construction Safety Solutions Ltd is suitably qualified, to carryout appraisals of our Clients nominated Contractors construction health & safety management systems.

It is our professional view that this system alone is insufficient to establish competence, given that it is only paper based, and a desk top exercise. The real test is on site, in a practical environment. Our Site Inspection Service as previously described, provides ongoing and up to date monitoring and should contribute to the maintenance of any 'Approved' List of contractors.

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